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Andro Pro-Line Butterfly Pro-Line
FAQ: Should I choose a Pre-assembled racket, one of the Pro-Line models, or have one custom-made to suit my own style of play?

PRO-LINE: Our Pro-Line models feature some of our more popular blades and rubber sheets at discounted prices. Similar to the recreational pre-assembled paddles, the rubber combinations on our Pro-Line models have been predetermined, taking the guesswork out of the equation. Unlike the pre-assembled rackets, the rubber on the Pro-Line models can easily be removed and replaced. Many of the Pro-Line racket combinations are used by some of top players in the world.

Buying one of our pre-assembled paddles will offer you a quality racket at an inexpensive price. It will also help simplify the buying process as the rubber is already assembled to the racket, so there is no need to spend time studying the blade and rubber charts finding the right racket and rubber combination. Our recreational preassembled paddles are ideal for intermediate recreational players, the player trying a sponge racket for the first time or inexpensive rackets for the kids. One thing to keep in mind when ordering a recreational paddle is that the rubber is not meant to be removed from the paddle. When the rubber needs to be replaced, it’s time to toss the old racket and buy a new one.

CUSTOM RACKET: If you prefer, you can pick the blade and rubber combination that is best suited to your unique style of play. This is known as a custom made racket(CMR). You can follow the easy steps on our “Selecting a Custom Made Racket” and we will walk you right through the selection process. Our expert staff will assemble the racket for you free of charge.

  We have groups each of blades into one of seven different categories. These categories are an easy way to determine if the blade is right for your style of play. They are:

OFF+ For all out offensive play without compromise.
For direct offensive play with much spin, speed and power.
For medium offensive play with much spin, speed and power.
For offensive all-round play mixing shots with topspin shots of variable spin.
For all-round players who mix attack and control shots in rallies
For all-round players who emphasize control and consistency from all distances
For traditional defense with emphasis on the chop from a far distance