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729/Friendship Andro BUTTERFLY
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SPEED: The ability to easily create faster ball speed based on a rubber's power created by the sponge rebound force and top sheet hardness. Higher speed rubbers also called faster since they produce faster shots. Speed differences between rubbers are greater with 2.5 or 2.0mm sponges. Attacking Players usually prefer the fastest rubbers while defensive players may prefer slower rubbers.

SPIN: The ability to create stronger spin is determined mainly by the composition and quality of the top sheet.

POWER FACTOR: The sum of spin and speed ratings. Powerful rubbers combine high speed with strong topspin to create maximum attacking power.

WHAT IS SPONGE DENSITY: In general, players who swing harder prefer the harder sponges. The denser sponges have more stored energy but also require more racket speed to compress the sponge and release this energy. The all-round player or players with shorter strokes will prefer sponges with medium or softer sponges.

SPONGE THICKNESS: Many rubbers offer multiple sponge thicknesses. The sponge layer, the area between the top sheet and the wood, acts as a trampoline. Thinner sponge will be less “springy” and have a hard feel, as the ball will generally sink to the wood surface, producing less spin and speed. Thicker sponge will have a soft feel and will be faster and provide more spin as the ball will sink deep into the sponge layer catapulting it outward with tremendous velocity and increased spin.

No Sponge(OX)-1.3mm: For defensive style players who emphasize control.

1.5-1.7mm For all-round players who desire good control with medium speed.

1.9mm-Max For offensive players who attack with high speed and spin.